Intermountain Christian School

A few weeks ago I spent a couple of days back in Salt Lake City, filming for my good friends at Intermountain Christian School. We were working on a few pieces for promotion and fundraising. I love their staff and their heart for the Salt Lake valley. The main piece is above; you can also take a look at the other pieces we put together at the links below.

Faculty Highlight
Alumni Highlight


Cyndi + Aaron

When I first met with Cyndi and Aaron in Salt Lake City, we met up at a favorite bar of theirs (and mine, coincidentally), The Bayou, near SLC’s downtown. They drank gluten-free beer, as they’re both converts to the gluten-free lifestyle. I have no idea what I drank, but it was delicious.

Cyndi & Aaron have a great story, and as you would hope for two people getting ready to tie the knot, they were full of life and love. They shared their engagement story from the Oregon coast with me, and you could really get a sense that these two were simply enveloped in the moment with each other, which is great.

They were incredible gracious with me; a work conflict pulled me away from the shoot at the last minute unfortunately, and I was not able to actually shoot the event. My friends over at PaperRock Pictures were glad to step in and do the shoot for me. Finally, here’s the edit. Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Harris, and many happy years to you both!

Remember, if you’re looking for wedding videography in Ohio or the midwest, I’m happy to take care of your needs. I’ll work with you to craft a wedding video that tells your story and feels like you’re watching a film of your day.

K2 Collective: Volume I

I’m very excited to be a part of a great project going on at K2 The Church, called K2 Collective: Vol. 1. It’ll be a worship album penned entirely by K2’s own worship leaders and musicians.

I’m thrilled on many levels for this piece. Firstly, I’m thrilled to be doing some video editing for K2 again after stepping out of my staff role there in November. Secondly, I’m thrilled to not only be helping with the promotion of the new album, but to be a part of the project, as a song that I wrote called “We Are Yours” will be on the CD as well.

You can view the first promo video below:

In Living Color

I had the privilege and pleasure of shooting the Holi Festival of Colors at the Krishna Temple this past weekend in Spanish Fork, UT. My company has a partnership with the festival, and so I was able to score a Media pass and go shoot it for work. The festival is an annual event, and drew around 75,000 visitors this year.

Enjoy just a few of my favorite photos. You can view my full gallery on Flickr here:

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card2_  1411

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card2_  1374

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card2_  1317

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card2_  1330

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card2_  1249

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card2_  1238

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card2_  1229

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card2_  1210

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card2_  1141

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card1_  835

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card1_  749

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card1_  666

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card1_  505