Mohican PowWow

I haven’t nearly had the time I’ve wished this summer to document and catch up with all of the shooting I’ve been doing. That being said, today’s shoot was a beautiful one. The Great Mohican Indian PowWow is an annual gathering of American indians from across North America. Dance competitions, demonstrations, food, crafts, the whole thing. But hands down, the most captivating part for me was the dancing. I’ve snagged some still-frames from the video we shot today. Can’t wait to edit these clips. Enjoy.

MohicanPowWow 4MohicanPowWow 9 MohicanPowWow 8MohicanPowWow 16MohicanPowWow 7 MohicanPowWow 6MohicanPowWow 2MohicanPowWow 10MohicanPowWow 17MohicanPowWow 15MohicanPowWow 5MohicanPowWow 14


I have decided

Need a little inspiration for your day?

Here’s a phenomenal video from every angle – production, concept, execution, and subject matter – from Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC.

Beautiful. Just Beautiful.

Craig Groeschel’s “Weird”

Craig Groeschel - WeirdLast week when I was heading back from a trip to Missouri, I decided to give Craig Groeschel’s new book “Weird” a read. It came from a pretty good review from Mark Beeson, a man I respect and look up to. I killed the book in one day, amidst my travels. That’s not to say it’s simple or short, but I’ll be honest, it reads well and Groeschel is a solid writer.

The basic premise of the book is summed up in it’s subtitle – “Because Normal Isn’t Working”. Craig walks through some key areas of our lives where the norm is completely failing us. Time, Money, Relationships, Sex and Values.

A few things that stuck out to me, and my thoughts, in no particular order:

“Always add because, but never repeat a reason…”

He proposes that when telling someone “I love you”, add the reason you’re telling them. I would go further on this and say it doesn’t just apply to romantic relationships. Can I speak massive volume into my volunteers and band members by not just telling them how much I appreciate them, but why everytime? And finding more and more reasons to speak that into them?

“The Fear of God is the only cure for the fear of people.”

Like Craig, I’m definitely a people pleaser. We could dive into the innumerable reasons that make up how I became this way, but I am. (this does not mean that I always do things that would please people, however.) The reality is though, many of us give far too much thought and worry to what other people will think of our look, our decisions, our words, how we do this or that. There is a ton of good meat in this section where he really picks apart what it means to fear God, to be in “reverent awe” and find our value in who God has created us to be.

“Rarely do people wake up one morning and decide they’re finally going to have that affair they’ve been putting off…”

Sin, including sexual sin, happens one small step at time. This is the process of slowing opening up the door to allow the opportunity to sneak in. And let’s not kid ourselves, the steps do not start with the person that you end up having the affair with. Those steps started a long ways back, in your own heart and in your own relationships. Guard your heart and your relationships with your life.

“Keep Four Feet on the Floor”

This is one of my favorites. Since I’m married now and really don’t have to worry about it, it’s nice. The idea here is if you’re dating, both of you keep your feet on the floor when you’re together. Proven fact: when smooth shaved legs rub against hairy legs, clothing vanishes.

I had a roommate for awhile that dated a girl and they followed Josh Harris’ advice to set up some yellow lines for themselves. They posted them in the common areas of the house and tried to be accountable to not cross their dating “yellow lines”. I’ll be honest here, most of my dating life I sucked at this. I was a mess. The thing is though, nothing gets me more pumped up about meeting people that stayed (or are staying) pure till marriage. Every Christian couple I meet that didn’t carries this baggage about sex and physicality when one or both of them was not completely pure prior to their relationship. It’s a big deal, and the world definitely will tell you it’s not normal. Normal obviously doesn’t work.


End story is, this is  worthwhile read. If you feel like your crap is in a rut, it’s probably time for a change. Give “Weird” a read.