First Kiss

This is brilliant, beautiful, sexy short film making. And I’m insanely jealous I didn’t think of it first.


In Living Color

I had the privilege and pleasure of shooting the Holi Festival of Colors at the Krishna Temple this past weekend in Spanish Fork, UT. My company has a partnership with the festival, and so I was able to score a Media pass and go shoot it for work. The festival is an annual event, and drew around 75,000 visitors this year.

Enjoy just a few of my favorite photos. You can view my full gallery on Flickr here:

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card2_  1411

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card2_  1374

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card2_  1317

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card2_  1330

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card2_  1249

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card2_  1238

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card2_  1229

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card2_  1210

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card2_  1141

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card1_  835

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card1_  749

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card1_  666

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card1_  505

What I’ve Been Up To: Showdown Fights

Yesterday I headed down to Orem, UT for a shoot for one of my clients, Showdown Fights. Showdown is the premier fight promoter of Global Fight League MMA fights. Think of it as the minor leagues for the UFC. Most of the fighters that win in Showdown fights go on to UFC careers, and the event was chock full of UFC stars.

Weigh-ins for this weekend’s fight were last night, and so we were shooting interviews with coaches, fighters and various elite floating around, grabbing endorsements for both Showdown, as well as VA Mortgage Leader (another client of mine, and a large sponsor of Showdown Fights).

As always, remember that I’m available for hire to film for your company or event.

Below are some of my favorite screencaps from the video as I reviewed it this morning.

Kito Andrews

Lance Gorman

William Nau

Kito Andrews

William Nau

Jake Heun

DeAnna Bennett

Daniel Gunn

Clinton Williams

DeAnna Bennett

Ramsey Nijem


Photographed (in order): Kito Andrews, Lance Gorman, William Nau, Kito Andrews, William Nau, Jake Heun, DeAnna Bennett, Daniel Gunn, Clinton Williams, DeAnna Bennett, Ramsey Nijem