Tim & Carly || A preview

Here’s a quick trailer from the wedding I shot this past weekend. I’ve known Tim for a decade now. We’ve been co-workers, roommates, but ultimately, I am honored to call him a friend. I was thrilled to document their amazing day. Full-length to come in the future, but for now, a glimpse.


kyle + natalie

Kyle and Natalie came to me in a back door sort of way. Natalie works with my wife and we got arranged to videograph their reception that way. Since the two of them actually had a destination wedding on the beach in Texas, they held a great reception at a newly opened reception center here in Ashland, Ohio. Definitely a different and fun task just capturing the reception, but it was a blast. You can view a sneak peak of the evening’s festivities above.

Waiting out Winter


This has by far been the most wintery winter we’ve had since we moved to Salt Lake. Now, I know, I live in Salt Lake – a place well known for it’s pristine winter weather, incredible amounts of snow and generous sunshine. But this year has been downright cold and snowy. For a long time. I’ve had a solid bed of easily 6-8+ inches in my yard since early December that simply hasn’t melted. It will melt down from 12 to 14″, then snow back up again. So yeah, this video hit home. I’m ready for a spring ride on a steel horse.