Worn Wear

If you love good stories and beautiful film like myself, this is worth your watch. Go make a beverage, come back, sit down and watch this.


From the Mountain Tops

I woke Sunday morning to a beautiful view of Sundial peak out the east side of the small tent I spent the night in. My good friend Dan and I snowshoed to Lake Blanche and spent the night.

I’ll admit, it was quite a bit more challenging than I expected. The trailhead starts at about 6,300 ft. elevation, and the lake sits at 8,900. Pretty decent incline for the 3 mile hike. It took us about 5 hours or so, which isn’t terrible considering I cramped up about a mile in and was pretty darn slow from there on. The majority of the trek was done by moonlight from there, which was incredible. Cold, serene, and beautiful. There is not much else in this world as amazing as high mountains covered in untouched snow under moonlight.

We hit camp, ate some of Dan’s fine chili, and hunkered down in our bags. I’m definitely glad I did the trek, though my legs argued with that for awhile. But I’ll be honest – that cliche about nothing good coming easy…it is just so true. The best stuff is worth the effort. Everytime.

“In his hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to him.” – Psalm 95:4 NIV

Butterfield Canyon

Last Monday, I took some time grab some more outdoors time. Since hiking season is in full swing here in Utah, I thought it’d be fitting. I’ve been trying to do hikes on this side of the valley, since we won’t be living here too much longer, and the Oquirrh Mountains generally get the shaft. I hiked up Butterfield Canyon road, which really wasn’t a hike, more of an uphill walk on pavement. (the road is still blocked from the winter, so you can’t drive up it yet). I got to the 3.5 mi. marker and the weather was starting to blow in, so I snapped this photo at a little stopping point, ate a snack, and hightailed it back outta there.

Beautiful up there though.