Mohican PowWow

I haven’t nearly had the time I’ve wished this summer to document and catch up with all of the shooting I’ve been doing. That being said, today’s shoot was a beautiful one. The Great Mohican Indian PowWow is an annual gathering of American indians from across North America. Dance competitions, demonstrations, food, crafts, the whole thing. But hands down, the most captivating part for me was the dancing. I’ve snagged some still-frames from the video we shot today. Can’t wait to edit these clips. Enjoy.

MohicanPowWow 4MohicanPowWow 9 MohicanPowWow 8MohicanPowWow 16MohicanPowWow 7 MohicanPowWow 6MohicanPowWow 2MohicanPowWow 10MohicanPowWow 17MohicanPowWow 15MohicanPowWow 5MohicanPowWow 14


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