In Living Color

I had the privilege and pleasure of shooting the Holi Festival of Colors at the Krishna Temple this past weekend in Spanish Fork, UT. My company has a partnership with the festival, and so I was able to score a Media pass and go shoot it for work. The festival is an annual event, and drew around 75,000 visitors this year.

Enjoy just a few of my favorite photos. You can view my full gallery on Flickr here:

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card2_  1411

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card2_  1374

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card2_  1317

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card2_  1330

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card2_  1249

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card2_  1238

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card2_  1229

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card2_  1210

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card2_  1141

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card1_  835

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card1_  749

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card1_  666

2013_03_30_ColorFestival_Canon7D_Card1_  505


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