Take it easy, demons || Owen Thomas

Those close with me know my long running love for Owen Thomas and his former band, The Elms. Life-shaping, soundtrack, massively influential force in my life. The dude has actually somehow managed to pen songs that have effectively followed and tracked with my life for over 10 years. That’s success in my book by any measure. I spent alot of time watching The Elms in sweaty clubs and on hot August afternoons and evenings at festivals. I drove long distances to see them. I tracked their pictures as they toured the country. I had every bside, demo, album and piece of music I could get my hands on.

My love for Vox amps came from watching and hearing Owen. I bought my first telecaster because Owen played one. I became addicted to Orange Amps because of the Hey, Hey video. I grew up, I’ve travelled some, lived around the country, and learned the midwest is actually a pretty wonderful place. And Owen always had a song for that feeling. He wrote the melody of small town with a harmony of dream & drive, and consequently, those things in me. And while all of these things came into a love on their own separate from The Elms or Owen, they were all sparked by him.

So it has brought me great joy to see his music keep walking with me through life. Beautiful new lyric video from Owen’s new solo release:


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