Gray Friday.

It’s Friday, which means it’s a great day to dream.

Utah is wonderfully gray today. We’ve had a bit of a warm spell that last few evenings. The mornings have been mild, just cool enough for a sweater before and after work. I was driving in to work today and the mountains had wonderful thick bed of fluffy, dark gray clouds around their peaks. When the sky is this color, the mountains take on a deep, dark blue and purple coloring. I really do love it.

And so, as I sat down at my desk this morning, I was listening to some great music and began to think about many things. One of the trains of thought that raced across my mind today was that I have so very many things I want to do in this life. So many. And I’m working on some of them, but I thought I might list them for you. It’s Friday. Take some time to dream a bit, eh?

Things I’m dreaming about, in no particular order or logical sense:

– I’d like to live on the coast, or on the Columbia in the Pacific Northwest someday. In a rustic-y house with cedar shake shingles. With great windows and wood and leather and books and music and lots of seating.

– I’d like to write a book. I’d actually like to write more than one, but hey, is that a bit ambitious?

– I have so many song ideas. They’re flooding me right now. Not just lyrically though, I’m flooded with sounds and melodies.

– I miss touring.

– I love road trips.

– I’d like to hike the Appalachian Trail.

– When I retire, I want to paint and stain custom finishes on beautiful guitars. Maybe before then.

– I’d like to buy another 1978 AMC concord. And another mid-eighties Volvo. Just for kicks. And the joy of driving them.

– Every time I think I’m making solid progress towards completion on this album, I have another song idea, that seems more cohesive with other ones already written. It’s a good problem to have, but…

– I haven’t seen the Relient K boys live in a few years. I need to change that. Have you listened to their album “Forget and Not Slow Down”. If not, you should. And then you should focus on the tone of the electric guitars. It’s their best by far.

– Actually, I just haven’t been seeing enough live music lately.

– I’ve been wondering about the human desire to create this morning. This idea that we’re created in God’s image, creator. I create because He created. I wonder if God ever had writer’s block. Or is writer’s block a consequence of separation from Him? Does God, the creator of the universe need inspiration? I doubt it, seeing as He seems to be the source of it. I wonder if He sat down sometimes and was so flooded with ideas that he barely could contain the desire to create. I wonder what it’s like to not have the desire to explore, because you are Lord over all that is to be explored. That’s an emotion and presence of thought I can’t seem to wrap my head around. I constantly want to explore, to go, to go and be, and to let my thoughts breathe.

Do you think God ever needs to go for a drive? Of course not, I know I’m humanizing God of the universe. Besides, clearly he’d fly. Wouldn’t you if you had the option? But it’s just that it seems that I’m constantly trying to reconcile the way I am, the way I’m wired, the way I’m created, with Him who created me. For some people that seems to be impossible. People can’t reconcile who they are, who they want to be, what they think the world is with their image of God or who they think He is.

Don’t get me wrong, I have my days where I can’t fit the pieces. It’s as though the puzzle is missing a few pieces sometimes. I search and I search and I can’t make it work. I try and fit pieces that are so close, but not right. Sometimes I give up on the puzzle all together. I walk away. Other days I move to a different corner. Many days I just look at the part that’s already completed, already put together, and enjoy the portion of the picture I can already make out. It seems though, more often than not, that I find pieces randomly. Like they’ve been stuck to the inside of the box, or under the flap where the cardboard is folded, only to fall out when I shook it hard enough.

Here’s to shaking people, here’s to shaking.

What are you dreaming about lately?


4 thoughts on “Gray Friday.

  1. I think I’m with you on the “every time I’ve got something going, I think of something else…” thing. Right now I’m dreaming about getting my butt in gear and actually submitting something to a publisher. I need to focus. I would also love to write a book. I have a hard time with projects that large though.

  2. I’m dreaming of a life filled with not much more than the necessities. Quality objects and homegrown food in a town like “Cicely, Alaska”. And time to create that isn’t a stolen moment in my busy day.

    I have a small book called Art for God’s Sake by Philip Graham Ryken. In it there is an excerpt from another author that is relevant to your thoughts: “But had the author of Genesis anything particular in mind when he wrote? It is observable that in the passage leading up to the statement about man, he has given no detailed information about God. Looking at man, he sees in him something essentially divine, but when we turn back to see what he says about the original upon which the “image” of God was modeled, we find only the single assertion, “God created.” The characteristic common to God and man is apparently that: the desire and the ability to make things.”


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