…I’m glad that you can grab the Starbucks free music download right from the app on the iPhone now.
…I have a new nephew. Yeah, you should be jealous.
…I’ve been writing & tracking for what I *think* will be a double album. I’m hoping to be done tracking by Christmas.
…I’ve been wrong many times.
…I’ve been thinking that nobody makes a telecaster look so badass as Bruce Springsteen.
…I’ve been watching a lot of Mad Men. Just finished Season 2.
…I’ve been putting one foot in front of the other.
…I’ve been daydreaming.
…I’ve been reading.
…I’ve been hankering for a big Hef & some food from the Green Pig again. Man, that was tasty the last time I was there…
…I’ve been journaling.
…I’ve been listening to John Mayer. And Stockholm. And Imagine Dragons. And Jimmy Eat World. And Taylor Swift. And Coldplay. And…

What have you been up to lately?


6 thoughts on “Lately…

    I’m realizing lately that I can’t (but often do) take the time to hesitate (or watch Mad Men) when I get inspired and motivated because it doesn’t take long to lose steam and I always regret it.

    • Dude. I’m so there with you.

      Remember when we first started out creating? There were things that we could see in our minds but couldn’t brig to fruition. For me, my skill set has increased, and so, for instance, I can articulate the song I hear in my head now.

      The problem isn’t being able to create it, the problem is doing while its in my mind; if I delay, it’s gone.

      I couldn’t agree with you more.


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