A little update on Andi

The last few days have gone well. Leah was discharged from the hospital yesterday evening, which was both tough and good. It’s good that she can get some quality rest on her own bed, but she was definitely sad to leave Andi last evening when we went home.

At this point, Andi will be in the NICU until she has full feedings on her own for 48 consecutive hours, and once her antibiotics finish their run. Last night, she decided it was time to start working a little bit, and took her first full feeding off mom. That started the clock rolling, and to be honest, we were really proud of the little girl. We called the NICU around 5:30 this morning and were told that she took full feedings each time after that through the night, and they were able to stop giving her fluids via IV.

Andi let the nurses know that she didn’t need her IV or feeding tube anymore by pulling them out herself last evening. If you’re wondering where she gets this “We’re going to do this my way” attitude, I would contend that it comes from her father. Some day, when she breaks curfew on a Saturday night with some boy, I will remind her that I invented this attitude, and will then exercise my years of experience on her. All in good time kid.

Again, fantastic news. Apparently our girl wants to come home.

So, at this point, if she tracks well and continues to eat, it looks like late Friday. We have a massive list of tasks to complete and tests to take since she’s been in the NICU, and we’re working on those. All in all, she’s bounced back and is getting to be a healthy, happy little girl.

And now, the stuff that you’ve all been really looking for, while tolerating all of this type:

Image 11

Image 10

Image 9
photo 2


3 thoughts on “A little update on Andi

  1. She is just so cute. I am so grateful that she is doing so well. On my LOOOONG (relatively speaking) commute to work this morning, I said lots of thankful prayers for her and for you guys. I hope the time between now and when you bring her home passes quickly. Can I squeeze her just a little when I meet her? A teensy eensy bit?

  2. She is so beautiful and I absolutely contend she gets that “my way or the highway” think from her father. Prayers are with you all!! ❤


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