Have I shown you pictures of my kid? Cause I have more…

Andi and Leah are both doing well. Andi’s learning how to nurse, and doing pretty well. She looks better and better each time we spend time with her, and she’s getting more and more vocal, which is a great sign. The doctor’s tell us that’s she’s not showing any signs of the infection. That’s great. They’ll continue to monitor and test her, but she’s tracking well. She’ll finish out her stay here in the hospital in the NICU, but when she’s good to go, we’ll take her home.

I don’t have a ton of pics of Mom & baby to share just yet; When Leah’s been holding her, she’s been doing what Mom’s do with babies, and that’s just not appropriate for the internet at large folks.

Without further adieu, some unashamed parental bragging via pictures:







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