Meet My Kid

Well, in case you hadn’t heard, our first kid decided to join us late Friday night.


Andi Joy Sprague came 11:12 PM on Friday, July 27. 7 lbs. 1 oz and 21″ long.

Her arrival definitely wasn’t without some drama, but I feel like this might be expected with raising a girl. She gave me a solid couple minutes of pure stress when she wasn’t breathing. The baby hadn’t been moving for awhile Friday afternoon/evening, and that’s what sent us into the hospital. To be honest, we thought we’d be in and out pretty quick with a heartbeat check. Little did we know the docs wanted to get that girl out.

The doctors have told us numerous times since that we made it in just the nick of time. Leah and still can’t really wrap our heads around that and definitely are praising God for that. Andi’s been spending some time down in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU). She’s battling what looks like a bacterial blood infection. Some wins so far have been that it’s not Meningitis (an original concern), as well as the fact that her numbers continue to look better and better.

She’s breathing on her own off of room air now, and showing progress. Leah and I have been able to hold her and start spending time with her. I changed her diaper for the first time last night, which I felt incredibly inept at, and she seemed fairly annoyed by. It’s ok, I’m sure this won’t be the first time she’s annoyed by me getting in her crap.

We have had an awesome outpouring of love from our friends and family, and especially our family here in Salt Lake at K2. Leah and I don’t know where we’d be without this church, and we’re so grateful for them.

She’ll be rolling in the NICU for a bare minimum of 3 days, but more than likely, at least a week to 10 days. So for now, how about some shameless pics of my beautiful kid?





8 thoughts on “Meet My Kid

  1. I’m so happy your are able to hold her already! I had a similar scare with my firstborn: staph infection in his lungs. It was 3 days before I could hold him. I treasure every minute with with kids (even the tough ones!) Praise God for every minute!

  2. Love the blog and please keep us posted we are sending up lots of prayers. So thankful you guys have such good people out there with you that means the world in times like these:)

  3. Congratulations, Spragues! What a beautiful little girl, she’s lucky to have great parents, and you’re lucky to have been blessed by such a treasure. Prayers with you, may your hospital stay go well and go quickly so your family can celebrate Andi’s arrival at home.


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