Workflow & File Management

I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about workflow and file management. I’ve been thinking about it for a few reasons. One, I’ve been trying to rethink my capture process to ensure that we capture what we need without hard drive failure, etc. (which has happened on a few shoots recently). I’m also thinking about it so that I can create a simple, repeatable process that our volunteers can follow when they’re capturing footage, editing, etc. And lastly, I want to create a process that ensures we’re properly archiving and cataloguing our footage.

So I went researching. I found some great stuff, including this video & blog post from a great production house.

I’m taking a few steps and modifying our process and some of the equipment I’m using. I’ll shed some light on the new process in the next couple of weeks as I work any kinks out, but I wonder, if you’re a photog or videographer – what’s your workflow? What is your redundancy & backup flow?



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