Dream Crash & Burn – My thoughts on Ann Curry

Some of you may have seen this clip of Ann Curry announcing that she will no longer be co-hosting the Today Show. Rumors have been flying for months about the state of the Today show, and the recent drop from the #1 morning spot this spring. A full article on Ann’s release from the NY Times can be read here.

It was clear that when Ann took on the role that it was a dream position that she had worked hard for years to get to. Many have speculated whether Ann was a part of the slip in ratings. Worth noting however, are a few thoughts.

You are not your dream.
Ann’s a great journalist. She’s broken racial boundaries, done some incredible reporting over the years. But let’s be clear: Ann, or you and I for that matter, should not and cannot become identified by our dream. We are more than the dreams and goals that spur us on.

This too shall pass
Professional life is full of gut punches. I’d suggest Ann, along with the rest of us, listen less to the critics and more to those who know us. Most of our critics don’t know us. They may know our characteristics, our shortcomings, our strengths, our weaknesses, but they do not know US. This too shall pass, and they’ll move on to blaming someone or something else for the frustration of the week.

Maybe it was you.
So, Ann, maybe it was you. Maybe America didn’t care for your style. Maybe they liked you better as just a reporter. Maybe they still yearn for Katie Couric. Perhaps Good Morning America just had better musical acts. Or maybe it was Stephanopolis. Who knows? You do you. Don’t take stock in failures on a personal level. Take stock in reality and adjust. Could’ve been you – and that might be OK.

My thoughts really end with this: It completely sucks to walk through what feels like such a deep, personal blow in front of people. Trust me, I know. At the end of the day though, it makes the success and the comeback sweeter. Trust me on that, I know.



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