I’ll be honest. I love weddings. I just do. Seems odd for a dude, but weddings are a blast.

You’re with people you generally like or love.
There’s dancing.
Bad dancing.
Good dancing.
There’s music. And food.
At my wedding, there were grown men doing knee slides across the dance floor. That’s my father-in-law in the picture above. From what I’m told, the party really got going after we left.

The more I go to weddings, the more I understand why Jesus has his first miracle at the wedding in Cana. It makes sense right? What an awesome way for Jesus to enter the scene – in a time of amazing celebration. Everytime I’m at a wedding, I always think of this story. He didn’t heal someone, He didn’t bring someone back from the dead. He revealed His glory and continued the celebration of union.

The other day, I came across this wedding recap video. I don’t know the people in it. I know the guy that made it, and that’s about it.

I had a few thoughts while watching it:
– I’m always inspired by great creations. This is a great video.
– There are few moments that well up as much joy as you see in this video. They’re worth it.
– Someday, we will greatly miss the way we used to build churches.
– Good music is always good music.
– People want to dance. They just need a place and an excuse.
– It’s always interesting to watch the father of the bride.
– Someday I’m going to be the father of the bride; I’ve got a daughter on the way. That pretty well wrecked me.

My .02 for the day.



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