Did I mention we’re having a kid?

Because if I didn’t, I’m terribly sorry.

Leah’s pregnant. I’m going to be a father.


Which is interesting. Definitely a life-changer (or so I’m told). Here’s what we’re up to because of it:

– Leah sleeps. Alot. Apparently building humans can be taxing on the manufacturer.

– Leah pees. Alot. Again – the manufacturing process.

– I’ve been trying to finish projects around the house, like finishing wiring the shed, cleaning out the room with random moving boxes that will now become the nursery, and other random tasks.

– I’ll be stripping and refinishing a dresser for that room, that’ll double as the changing table

– Apparently due to the prior item, I’ll be learning how to change a child’s diaper.

– I’ve been swimming to get back in shape. I don’t really want diabetes. And I’d like to be able to go with my kid when they go jumping off a bridge somewhere.

– I’m basically trying to remain calm. I mean really…If my childhood was any indication, I’m screwed as a parent.



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