Wednesday Morning

It’s Wednesday morning. I know that you’ve been wondering, “What does Patrick do on Wednesday?”

Thank God he blogs – he’ll tell me!

I work from home on Wednesdays. K2 is pretty meeting-heavy on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so Wednesdays are a great day for me to get some stuff done. It’s part catch-up, part get ahead, part DO. Wednesdays are a hustle day.

One of the first things I generally do on Wednesdays is download any music that I’ve put on my list in the last week. New artists, albums – music from videos or for videos that I want to use. I stop by NBC’s Parenthood Music page and download any artists that sparked my interest from the night before as well. On today’s list of listening and downloading:

• Wiz Khalifa
• Can’t Stop Won’t Stop
• Beatards
• Hillsong Live in Miami
• Piers Faccini

I make them. I demolish them. Remember, Wednesday is a hustle day. What am I working on today? Finalizing a 3-part script for our Easter/Good Friday bumpers. Editing and trimming a few videos for upcoming services. Scheduling people for interview shoots that I’m getting ready to shoot. Phone calls. Tidying the office.

After I crank through that – at some point I’ll look at some videos that I’ve bookmarked or downloaded for inspiration or future use. One of the big ones on this week’s list is Ed’s Story, a 7 part film series from the makers of NOOMA. I’m greatly looking forward to watching these.

I tend to swim on Wednesdays. Nothin’ special here, just trying not to get diabetes. 🙂

It’s Wednesday. Get Hustlin’



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