The View from Up Here


I snapped this photo as we were loading up on Sunday to head back to Salt Lake. I spent the weekend in the mountains above Eden, UT with 40 some middle schoolers from K2’s Vertical Student Ministry. Camp Utaba, a baptist affiliated camp, is seemingly a gem – a well kept secret among the mountains of northern Utah.

It struck me as I stopped and took the photo that sometimes, we need to get away for some perspective. Most of these students are inundated with media, work, family life, social pressures, the pain of teenage-ness and more. Frankly, so am I. Well, not the teenage-ness.
This idea is not new, and yet I struggle to create that space unless I’m incredibly intentional about it.

I’m glad that Kari and the rest of the Vertical team are committed to creating space for our students to encounter God.

“…You taught me wisdom in that secret place” – Psalm 51:6



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