Useful Social Media Tools for Your Church…or you.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been diving into finding a useful workflow for our social media presence at K2. I had a couple of key things that I wanted to do:

• Clearly and easily interact with our followers on both facebook and twitter
• Engage in conversations already going on about Salt Lake City, Christians and the “church” in our community
• Schedule Updates ahead of time
• Track our interaction (clicks on links, mentions)

The biggest things were ease and simplicity. Before I tell you what worked, let me tell you about a few that didn’t work, or at least well.

I still use this, but not to it’s full potential. Tweetdeck fell into the same boat as well. Both allow columns that I can customize with whatever content I prefer. Tweetdeck is actually the prettier of the two, but Seesmic seems to stay more up to date and has better search features. The downfall of both was their inability to schedule a simultaneous update to both Facebook & Twitter. If I tried to schedule a post that included both networks, both apps failed. So, I went searching for other options.

I still keep Seesmic open for my columns that search for key terms and phrases that we want to actively engage with, but this app could be way cleaner, more simple and stronger.

What did work well however, is Buffer.

Buffer is a great web/iOS app that allows me to schedule posts for both Facebook and Twitter (simultaneously or independently), and create a que of updates. The reason this is huge for us at K2 is it allows me to put items that engage our people – articles, quotes, etc. – in a line and they kick out at spaced out intervals. Currently, I’m using the free account, which allows 11 posts in the que at any given time. For right now, that’s totally sufficient.

Best part is the browser plugins that allow me to simply click on the icon in my toolbar to add an article, etc. to the que from anywhere on the web.

Final word on Buffer is that it’s a flipping fantastic tool that works well and is easy to use. I like that.
I used to really not enjoy links. Until I wanted to start getting analytics on the links we posted. Why? I want to see what works. I want to see what times people click through on our links. I want to see which items people are interested in, so we can provide more content that connects with them. Bit.y allows me to do all of these things. And, again with an easy browser extension, from any website I can shorten the link with our account and post. Piece of cake – solid analytics.



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