At the movies

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I had the chance over the holiday to catch up on some movies that I had in my cue for awhile. On the list of viewed were Australia, The Ides of March, The American, The Beaver, Crazy Stupid Love, and of course, a few classic Christmas movies as well.

All in the list above were actually pretty good. I really enjoyed the two Clooney films (The American, The Ides of March), though I tend to enjoy political movies as well as spy thrillers, so they were both right up my alley.

Any time I see a movie that looks interesting or funny, I just throw it on a running list I have, and when it becomes available, it gets added to the collection for viewing. I’ve got a pretty good list going still of unwatched – including:

– The Debt
– The Help
– Bridesmaids
– Cars 2
– Horrible Bosses
– Hotel Rwanda
– Our Idiot Brother

and a couple of documentaries, thanks in no small part to my high school economics-teaching friend Tim Black:
– I.O.U.S.A.
– Maxed Out
– The One Percent
– Sons of Perdition

The question here is, what should I be watching? What’s the last movie that rocked your world?

What movies should be in my cue?


2 thoughts on “At the movies

  1. You NEED to watch The King’s Speech. I’m telling you, you’ll at least love the cinemetography. (Obviously I can’t spell that word.)

    And I would argue that you should read The Help first, because I’m pro-read-the-book-first. A coworker gave it to me over Christmas and I can pass it on to you when I’m done if you want.


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