luv•o•lu•tion wrap up

Below is the video we used to wrap up the Christmas luv•o•lu•tion giving campaign that K2 ran this year. Video aired in all of our Christmas Eve services. Great news? Dave got follow up the video and announce that in 6 weeks, by Christmas weekend, K2 had raised over $43,000 for the luv•o•lu•tion! Amazing stuff!

I really enjoyed the process on making the video, though sadly, it was more than likely the final edit I’ll do on my portable editing drive. It met it’s maker finally, and was the cause of an all-night editing session as the drive slowly died.

Some geeky details:
Edit: FCP
Color: Magic Bullet Looks
Post: Adobe After Effects

I also heavily used plugins from Luca & Video Copilot, used alot of film burn overlays, and took inspiration stylistically from videos done by Northpoint Community Church as well as Kingdom Project Creative.


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