Living Above Reproach

Some heard the news that D.C. Curry, Pastor of Next Generation and Families and Senior Leadership Team member at Granger Community Church, has disqualified himself from being a pastor at GCC and was removed from their staff.

This post is not about D.C. however. Ministry leaders falling from grace seems to be a recurring topic of our generation. Perhaps it’s the speed at which information flies, or rather the ease with which we can cross lines and boundaries thanks to the technology we love. I’m not really sure. I do know this:

– I’ve served on staff at 4 different churches since I was 16. Each and every one of them, including the one I currently serve, has had to remove a pastor due to moral issues, stemming from inappropriate relations with the opposite sex.

– In my time in ministry, I’ve seen leaders fall that I never would’ve guessed would. It seems every couple of months a ministry leader that I’m connected to falls.

– My own father was removed from ministry for the same reasons.

This is an issue near and dear to me, and one I’ve committed to not be my story. When I took my first full-time position Poplar Bluff, MO, I was told one simple thing regarding this issue: “Don’t ever think it won’t happen to you. You are fully capable of the worst things you can imagine.” This is both completely true and sobering.

Mark Beeson, founding and senior pastor of Granger Community Church, addressed students and families of GCC this last week.I have a few thoughts here. One, Mark does a phenomenal job walking through “living above reproach” in the video below. I don’t envy his job in this situation. I can’t imagine the stress the leadership team at GCC walked through, trying to seek out truth in the situation with a brother they loved. I can only imagine the frustrating nights, falling asleep, trying to reckon with God what’s going on.

Mark Beeson, founding and senior pastor of Granger Community Church, addressed students and families of GCC this last week. Do yourself a favor. Watch the video. Learn from Mark – he’s a strong leader, and handled the situation with grace. Pray for GCC. Pray for D.C. – not some “gee, I hope he sees the error of his ways” prayer, but rather pray for God to continue to reveal himself in D.C.’s life, just like we desperately need Him to reveal Himself in ours.

I think one of the greatest lies from the enemy is this: that your sin can live a compartmentalized, separate life from your life with God. Whether we admit it or not, many of us are living this way. I think the reason this is such an effective ploy of the enemy is that we continue to live and seek and desire God, all the while treating our dark corners like they are separate rooms. The choice is ours: do we believe the truth that God sees all of our dark corners, and yet loves and pursues us still, or do we believe the lie that our sin gets it’s own room separate from God, because if we expose our sin, life gets worse?

God’s word tells us that His desire for us to live in Him. So, worse or not, that’s our perception of what life will be like – not what God tells us to put our hope in. May our hope be found in living in closer community with our maker. May we not live in protection of the life that’s going smoothly, but rather in pursuit of the life that’s closer to Him.


3 thoughts on “Living Above Reproach

  1. Your expense DC??!! I simply cannot let this go. I would not be commenting if you had not demonstrated your arrogance by posting your comment. Patrick’s article would never have been written if you had not sexually abused at least one former student in your youth group at Granger Community Church. The article was written at the “expense” of my daughter, who was a minor at the time and was used and hurt by you. We are thankful that she had the courage to come forward and reveal what happened in order to protect others. Mark Beeson should have been honest when speaking to the parents, students and the church by making it clear that what happened is defined as sexual abuse of a minor and more than likely, sexual misconduct involving another teenager. His use of the word “women” was far from accurate. It is no coincidence that the video is no longer available for viewing.
    You are fortunate that Indiana law does not make it illegal for you, as a pastor, to do what you did to these girls. Teachers, counselors, coaches or guardians would have been prosecuted. In several other states you would have been prosecuted!

    Patrick, you could have no way of knowing that what happened was different than the video portrayed, but I appreciated your article. Although it’s difficult, I have chosen to discuss this because it can help prevent this type of sexual abuse.


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