A Luv•o•lu•tion with Sin

Many of you know, K2 is walking through a series right now called “Luv•o•lu•tion”, where we’re walking through the book of 1 John. We’re also asking our people to start a Christmas Luv•o•lu•tion, which you can read more about here.

Both are about radically changing the way we think and act on certain things – revolutionizing with love. Sunday, we tackled having a luv•o•lu•tion with sin. One of our families, the VanRankens, shared their story about Mack’s battle with sin – specifically an addiction to pornography. I’m incredibly thankful for many things about this, 1) that Mack was so willing to share his battle openly, 2) That K2 was a safe place for him to be open about his struggle. This is something many people would not want to talk about, let alone share on video in front of 1500+ people, and yet Mack stepped up.

I really enjoyed the edit on the first piece; I thought the river scenes juxtaposed his battle with sin well.

Below are both parts of the two part video I shot and edited for our services on Sunday. Lad Chapman and Dave Nelson both delivered powerful messages on the passage from 1 John; you can grab the audio or video podcasts here.



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