Wild Horses

I was going through some videos that I edited over the summer and realized there were a few I hadn’t shared or uploaded.

This is one of them, and one of my favorites. We did a location shoot near Dugway, UT, which is only on the map because there is a massive air force base where some of your top fighter pilots train for live target practice. [read: it’s in the middle of nowhere]. Most of the surrounding area that’s not owned by the Department of Defense is owned by Bureau of Land Management and is public land. This is where you can find the wild Onaqui herd of horses, branded and tracked with the same methods and law that allowed the U.S. to gather horses for the calvary. These were straight up wild horses. Their only human interaction has been a few helicopter roundups where they brand the animals with calvary numbers, give them shots, and set them free again.

The second location was with Cliff Tipton at his ranch in Erda, about 30 miles from the Onaqui herd, on the western side of the Oquirrh Mountains. Cliff was the real deal, and a real treat.

This service was incredibly cohesive, which I loved. We were in the middle of our series on the beatitudes, and looking at “Blessed are the meek…” on that particular day. This was a great setup for teaching on the real meaning behind the passage, and the day flowed well.

And seriously, we flipping live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. I love the background of the storm over the mountains when we were shooting at Cliff’s ranch. Beautiful.



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