Apps I’ve Been Digging Lately

I’d thought I’d take a few minutes and mention a few of my favorite apps, both desktop and iOS, as of late.

Of course, as many of us have found in the last week or two, Path is taking the social scene by storm. I think the key word here is “potential”. Their user interface is absolutely gorgeous – others could take lessons here *ahem, facebook* – and it’s smooth. What I’d really like to see here is an integration of my twitter and instagram feeds into the Path UI. I’m able to send these things out from Path, but not bring them in. Find a way to bring my existing social networks into Path, and I’d have one beautiful place to view it all.


Flipboard for iPhone.

Flipboard is this interesting app where you can pick subjects that you’re interested in, and they essentially create a flippable magazine right on your iOS device. Twitter and Facebook integration are within as well.

It’s pretty, for certain, but it’s definitely not there yet. While the flipping is nice, It’s still not the feed-like experience it could be. Still, I’m digging it.


Dude, I love Reader. I love Reader on my iOS device, I love it on my desktop. It’s just a beautiful RSS reader. It’s not cheap ($9.99 for desktop, $4.99 for iOS), but they just do it well. It’s simple, it’s elegant, and it’s awesome.

What are some apps you love?


2 thoughts on “Apps I’ve Been Digging Lately

  1. I really love using AOL’s Editions on my iPad to catch up on the news. There’s a lot of customizing that you can do with subject matter and sources so you only get what you want to read.

    Fooducate is great for grocery shopping. Scan barcodes to get nutritional information about the product and compare + rank it against other similar foods.


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