Free iPhone App Made for Your Church

Yesterday, I tweeted about an option for your church to have a custom iPhone app made, free of charge. I wanted to elaborate a bit on this today.

The app design and management comes from a great company called ROAR. Their implementation of your app is pretty genius. They’ve created a solid backend content management system (CMS), that allows you to easily populate the app’s information. Some items, such as events, calendars, etc. are populated from an RSS feed that you can easily setup on your own webserver.

The best part is that for the holidays, they’re waiving all design and setup fees. Commonly, this can run you anywhere from $500-$2000 with reputable companies. So, your costs are drastically discounted. The cost you’d be in for, if you paid annually, is $300 per year, or if you pay monthly, $30/month. This fee is for access to the CMS and support.

What a great, affordable way for your church to enter into the app world, create another path for interaction to your congregation. There are no cancellation fees or contracts, so if at any point you feel like you’ve found a better option, you can leave without penalty.

Visit ROAR here.



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