Free Christmas Music

As is my tradition, it’s time for FREE CHRISTMAS MUSIC!

I love Christmas music. Even more so, I love really good Christmas music, and there’s some great options out there this year. Many of the artists have really excellent non-christmas music as well. Some are Christian artists, some are the kind of artists that pose the questions but you don’t really know, some just play music. All of them do it really well.

So, without further adieu…


10. Joy – Patrick Sprague
Yep, it’s me. With some help from my compadres in the Bridge worship band. Recorded in 2008. Shameless, I know.

09. Carols –
This is a really solid release that I’ve had on pretty heavy rotation this year. New this year. “Come thou long expected Jesus” may be my favorite cut off this release.

08. Merry Christmas. Goodnight.
Christmas EP featuring Ryan Flannigan, Dunn & Wilt, The Rendition and more. If the first track, “Glory in the Heights” doesn’t get you, you’ve been out in the snow too long. Super indie, super awesome.

07. The Christmas Collective
Short 3 song EP from a couple of bay-area artists. Honestly, it’s not the highest quality, and that’s what I like about it. The last tune, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” had inklings that harkened of early releases from The Rocket Summer, which I really enjoyed.

06. Bensonwells Christmas – Bensonwells
Grabbed this from Relevant. Listen people, if a guy from Minneapolis releases a Christmas album, chances are it’s going to feel like Christmas. They practically live in the tundra up there.

05. Christmas Songs Vol. 1 – Folk Angel
Couple of gents from Dallas get together songs about Christmas. Amazingly they do it without texan accents.

04. Lo-Fi Christmas EP – Sandra McCracken
She’s got a pretty rad, fresh voice. This is hot chocolate drinking, do some Christmas reading, watch the snow out your window music.

03. A Neighborly Christmas – Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors
Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors make the heights of the list here for two reasons: 1) This free download is 11 tracks long, and 2) it’s a great pickup from much of the rest of the list. It’s great party music, less indie and more jazzy classic. Enjoy this one.

02. Christmas Collection 2011 – Sleeping at Last
If you like Sufjan or Nike Drake, you’ll probably enjoy this 9 track album from Sleeping at Last.

01. Merry Christmas – Branches
If you’ve been wishing for Mumford & Sons to release a Christmas album, you wouldn’t be the only one. Till then, enjoy LA’s own Branches doing some less-traditional tunes. Love it!

Honorable mentions:

A Little Christmas Cheer – Zach Williams & The Bellow
Remember the Christmas music they used to play? Like at grandma’s house? That made the adults dance after a few drinks? I found it again. Added bonus: anyone from Brooklyn that can pull off a twang is a winner in my book.

Free tune, “Holy Child” from Crosspoint Community Church in Nashville.

So there you have it.
10 free Christmas albums. And you didn’t even have to go looking. Got a favorite Christmas album that you downloaded for free this year? Leave us a link in the comments.

Merry Christmas y’all.


6 thoughts on “Free Christmas Music

  1. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the Sleeping at Last and Drew Holcomb collections. My favorite Christmas discovery this year, though, has been Beta Radio’s 4-song EP. It’s on NoiseTrade, too. Dig it. And thanks for the others.

  2. Hey man, great list. If this isn’t appropriate (more to the point, if you don’t think it’s awesome) feel free to delete this response. Check out this free Christmas album as well I’m partial to it, it’s my wife and I, but I think it’s truly a quality offering of roots Christmas music. For credibilities sake, I’m one of the contributing artists to “Merry Christmas. Good Night.”


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