Ethiopia Recap: Video, and other thoughts

Below is a short video recap K2 aired in our services recapping our mission trip to Ethiopia.

I’ve had a few final thoughts in the last couple of weeks since I got back, that I’ll list in no particular order:

• I missed Africa, as in actually yearned to go back, for the first time when I was editing this short recap. It was actually a pretty visceral experience – I could smell it, I could hear it, and I actually wanted to go back.

• I’m still battling with exactly what or why or whatever of God’s purpose in showing me what He did there. Frankly, I’m alright with that.

• I came back incredibly refreshed and clear in mind for my work here at K2, which was both awesome and surprising. I felt renewed in direction and passion, which actually didn’t feel that lax prior to leaving.

I had the good chance to debrief this weekend with one of the guys I roomed with in Ethiopia, who’s also a good friend. It was good to unpack with him and just chat about what we experienced now after 3 weeks back.

My final thought is this: the third world is not America. It’s not Europe. And you should experience it.

The vast majority of the globe lives in that level of wealth and development. Travelling in the third world gives you a unique experience to pose questions of God that you would never pose of him living here. I think that’s a pretty healthy thing to do. I think it’s incredibly healthy and enlightening to see a lifestyle and culture that mirrors the world that much of scripture speaks of. Beggars in the third world are different than beggars in the developed world. It’s just really an uneasy experience, and yet, good.

Here’s to continued processing.



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