Creative Arts Resource Motherload

I’ve been there – week after week in the one man arts department.

Lunch with your buddy, the one man student ministries department is what you’re really looking forward to on Monday mornings. I get it. Some days I miss it even.

I used to go through this cycle where I would get really inspired after a service on a Sunday, and begin brainstorming, thinking, developing, designing, just to have Monday morning and the reality of pressing needs knock it right out of me.

You get in a rut.
You need resources.
You need help.
Practical, tangible help to step up the game in your church.

So I’ll leave the theoretical, relational and inspirational for another day. Below is a list of some of my favorite free resources that you can use to bring some awesome sauce to your game. Why reinvent the wheel, especially when your crowd hasn’t seen one roll?

Stuff I Can Use
Uncheesy, sweet sermon graphics, video bumpers and mp3s. All in HD. Love the design, but you’re not doing a series with the same title? Totally ok – PSD’s are included. Change to suit your needs and get it rollin.

Resources from Church on the Move in Tulsa, OK. Everything here. Drama, art, video, music.
These guys are a great resource for inspiration as well, but the link above will take you right to their freebies. They regularly post motion backgrounds for you to spice up your ProPresenter sauce, as well as series PSD’s.
There really isn’t anything that LifeChurch doesn’t share. In addition to chord charts, hi-quality .wav files, graphics, video – even small group resources and leader training – you can even find free church metrics tools to help you manage and reach your people more efficiently.

NewSpring Resources
Full-on free downloads of creative arts resources from NewSpring Community Church. Fresh Design, fresh ideas.

That should keep you busy for a bit. And hopefully should help.

Have specific needs? Leave me a comment – I probably have a resource for you.

Hang in there.



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