Mekele: Day 1

We arrived safe and sound in Mekele. I only have a few minutes here on wifi; this will be brief.

We met the seminary leaders this morning. Initial take away is this they told us about their work, about their passion for reaching communities with the gospel. These guys are the real deal.

Then things got really serious.

One of the community needs is that culturally, women have been circumcised and genitally mutilated at birth. This causes scores of issues later in life, pain, inability to control urination, etc. Because of this, these women are treated like “cursed” people, forced to live outside of the home and shunned from the very family that caused it.

These seminarians are going in and providing transitional housing, job training, and Christian counseling to these women. They teach them a skill, and then fund their microbusiness.

But most captivating is what Tesfi, one of the doctoral students and a professor told us: ” I get to tell them they’re not cursed, that God loves them equally as anyone else”




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