Humorous Observations: Day 1

Observations from Africa (in no particular order):

– flatulence is universally funny. One of our team members blew wind while walking past a group of young men after dinner. Audibly. They laughed all the way down the block.

– unless you see them cut the goat meat, rest assured its not the part you thought it was.

– that bread you didn’t eat? Going on the next table’s plate.

– Africans love nude art. Fact.

– toilet paper in hotels – not guaranteed. At all. and the room will pink. With no toilet seat.

– waterbed means something different here.

– just because the guy in the room across from your balcony has curtains, does not mean he will use them. Direct eye contact is free.

– turndown service includes cockroaches on your pillow.

Annnnd, as I just found out in a hour ride over to this cafe:

– the longer the rickshaw driver drives and gets you lost, the better his English gets.

– pizza in Ethiopia is exactly as you would expect. Terrible.


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