Rains Down in Africa

Well, it’s about 12:15, and I leave for Ethiopia tomorrow. I’m *mostly* packed and prepped, though I can’t say as I’ve ever really prepped for an 11 day long video shoot on another continent.

The weather seems to be 70’s/80’s and daily thunderstorms, which I’m greatly looking forward to shooting. 24p all the way people.

Above is the team we’re taking over. I’m looking forward to it, for sure. Interested to see what God has in store. One of our pastors, and moustache officianto and friend alike, Lad Chapman, has set his blog to record the trip.

You can read about us there, and while you’re there, pray for me, our team, Leah and the other families back at home – we’d appreciate it.

I’ll also try and keep you all updated via twitter & here, if possible. Don’t worry, I don’t fall off the technological cliff until Sunday, possibly.



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