The Open Door

I won’t lie, I struggled with the creation of this piece.

The Open Door program is an afterschool program that does tutoring and serves a hot meal, all under biblical principles, and ministers to the largely refugee and minority population of Salt Lake City’s west side. One of our staff members, Susanna Metzger, directs the program.

The original plan for the piece was to highlight one of the students and their family, follow them around beyond the Open Door, and tell the story of how the program was impacted their lives. Unfortunately, when we got on location, the family was nowhere to be found. We had lined them up, they were willing, and they were gone. No one at home, no one at the program. So, onto plan b.

I switched then and just tried to tell the compelling story of the Open Door itself. Honestly, I still think the story of a family impacted would carry more weight, and we’ll revisit the Open Door in about 6 months or so and try again. The good news however, is that The Open Door more than doubled their volunteer base in one day after this was shown on Sunday, and Susanna had groups interested in donating food, volunteering as organizations, and tons more.

Which brings me to my final point. If you’re at a church or non-profit, if you work in the creative fields, you must tell stories. Story is compelling. Story calls to action. Story is universal.

Video Below:



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