Home Improvement: Week 5

Well, we’re into week 5.

I was out last weekend in Ohio, so I lost some good time for work, but here’s where I’m at.

The Yard:

Here was the pic from before:

And here’s where she’s at now:

Not amazing, but getting better. Truth be told, until today, we haven’t been running any sprinklers or anything. I had been hitting the really bad patches with the hose by hand. Wal-mart had an oscillating sprinkler for $4.57 Saturday, so that should help immensely. Mowed the beast and raked some leaves this weekend. Hopefully it’ll be in good shape and setup for next spring. I’m planning on dropping some winter TurfBuilder on it to give it a strong start next spring.

Sunday I wrestled with what I think is a rose bush (I’m not a gardener; I have no idea). The thing had overgrown tons of the landscaping in the front of the house, and begun it’s thorny climb up my house and in front of the kitchen window. I was frankly tired of it, and another project required me to get in there, so that beast got a massive trim, but not before taking some good amounts of blood from my arms and hands. The results:

She’s the second bush in from the left, the darker one. It had been out over the entire corner of the area where the hose is (I didn’t even know there were rocks under there) and up the house in front of the window.

The water you see on the brick is from the project that led me there: washing the kitchen windows. Our kitchen windows face south and west, and it’s nearly unbearable to be in there in the afternoon due to the blinding sunlight, and it heats up pretty well. So, blinds were in order. Before I installed those suckers, I wanted to wash the windows, which led to the bush trim. Anyway, here’s the blinds installed:

Other honorable mentions from this week:
-Trim painted and installed in the back entry way around the new tile
– Drywaller starts Monday at 7:30 AM in the basement.
– Carpet guy came and measured in the basement.
– Hardwood flooring installer came over and measured for the stairs (I think we’re going to do hardwood stairs down to the basement. We’re in debate on whether to do them ourselves or let the insurance money pay for it.) Either way we’ll be staining and finishing them.

Think that’s about it.


2 thoughts on “Home Improvement: Week 5

  1. Couldn’t help but laugh a little when your window shades, led to window washing, which led to trimming the bush…that’s ALWAYS how it goes 🙂


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