K2 Baptisms

Below you’ll find the baptism recap video from K2’s September baptisms. This was one of my favorite projects to edit at K2, sheerly on the quality of footage my team shot. For any event that we have at K2, we schedule a photographer to shoot stills for us. We have a great team of photogs, that have great artistic eyes. So, I grabbed some of our photographers and asked them to cross over to the dark side and shoot video for us on their DSLR’s. I think the result speaks for itself.

I asked them to shoot B-roll. I handled the primary shots, and allowed them to be free and creative, and go wild. I’ll say this much:

Never again will I do a large event shoot without a few of them. Beautiful stuff.


For those of you that geek out on such things, the details of the shoot:

Nikon D7000
Canon EOS Rebel T2i

Final Cut Pro 7

Magic Bullet Looks


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