Home Improvement: Week 3

Well, we’ve been in the home loanership life for 3 weeks now. Time for some updates.

The lawn is coming alive again, though I have a few spots that are slower than others. I upped the watering the last few days and put some chemical help down this afternoon to speed up the process. I’ll have a comparative posting on that later this week.

We’ve got the living room and kitchen unpacked and painted, but I’m holding on pics for those rooms till we hang stuff and have them looking a little more decorated. We’ve *almost* got all of our clothes unpacked and put away, so bedroom is getting close.

At the end of week 2, we had a bit of hiccup. We had a pressure regulator valve spring a leak and do some damage in the basement. I’ve got some pics below of the result of that. Our home warranty covered the pipe repair, and our insurance covered the clean up. They ripped out some baseboard, insulation and drywall, and all of the carpet is a loss.

Basement Bedroom

Basement Bedroom

Corner of basement family room

In the end though, it’s turned out pretty well. The insurance payout was good, and the carpet (though we didn’t care for it at all) was very high end. So, we’re taking the chance to make some changes. We’re going to go with a little bit lower grade carpet than was there prior, and use the offset to put wood laminate on the stairs.

Since we moved in, I’ve been wanting to put a tile landing at the foot of the basement stairs. Leah’s brother, Joe, did this at their new place and I thought it was a great idea. I love the idea of being able to come in the back door and head to the laundry room without messing up the carpet. Currently, when you walk in our back door, the landing is stick-on linoleum tiles, and then carpeted stairs to the basement. Since the carpet is getting ripped out, we’ll be putting wood laminate on the basement stairs. So, it works out well in the end.

The contractor is coming to take a look at things on Monday, so while things are torn up, I’m planning on laying some new tile that I picked up today on the main landing and at the foot of the stairs this week, before they get to laying the carpet. Got a killer deal on the tile – $30 for 20 sq. ft.!

New Tile

Other than that, we haven’t had a ton of time to do much. The pipe leak set us back a bit. Just some small jobs – put on a couple of new gate latches, installed a peep hole, stuff like that.

All in all though, it’s coming along. Hopefully I should have some progress-pics later this week.


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