Come Down to the Water

K2 Baptisms

We had corporate baptisms today for K2

I’ll be honest, this was one of the longest, hardest weeks I’ve ever worked in a church. I think I had something around 6 or 7 video shoots that I shot and edited this week, plus our big membership-vision dinner (Crash The Party), which included a 15 min piece.

I’m pooped.

But ending the week this way…man, this is the good stuff. We baptized over 30 people that were signed up and had gone through our baptism class. And then, we baptized probably another 5-10 people that made a decision right then and there.

We’ll be celebrating these baptisms, as well as the last year, at our anniversary service on September 25. For this baptism, I really wanted to get some quality footage. Often, we’ve sent one of our video guys out to shoot baptisms, and generally, we get one shot. This time, I grabbed 4 of the photographers that shoot for our Arts team on Sunday mornings, and had them shoot video on their DSLRs, plus myself. I told them to go to town – be artistic, be creative, capture the moment, not just the circumstance.

I just looked through some of the footage, and it is phenomenal. I cannot wait to edit this and share it with you K2 on the 25th.

Pumped up and blessed.



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