Missional or Attractional or What…

I keep getting into these conversations in the last few weeks.

At K2, we’re walking through some major discussions about who we are as a church.
And who we’re going to be.
And who we think we are.
And who God has called us to be.

I love these kind of conversations. I love it because they stretch me. They force me to ask questions of God that I haven’t asked before. They force me to ask questions of myself, and of my leadership, and what and whether I’m leading people towards what God has called His Church to be.

One of these conversations is this balance of being “missional” or “attractional”. These are churchy words that the church has literally made up – you’ll note that “attractional” is poor grammar and is hardly a real word.

There is this idea, within the Christian subculture, that churches, overall, are essentially missional, or attractional, but it is very hard to be both. Missional, being this idea that you’re training people and discipling them into a life where they can essentially go out into the world and do the work that Christ has called them to do. Many of these churches are far less focused on the “unbeliever”, and rather focused on the developing the believer to “Go and make disciples”.
The attractional movement, by stereotype, would seek to find people that are turned off by God and Church, and present “church” to them, in a relevant, attractive manner.

You know what? This whole discussion is a crock.

We’ve been talking about this alot lately, and I’ve been soaking up some pretty wise minds around me. Here’s what I think.

I think having a church for people that hate church is incredibly missional. And attractional.
I think know that at least in our culture, here in Salt Lake City, people are smart enough to make their own decisions. We don’t need to water down our worship, or mince how we present God the Almighty on a Sunday morning. People are smart enough to make their own conclusions on why a church body of 1500+ people would want to sing at the top of their lungs about a man that walked the earth 2000 years ago that has changed their life.

We can be secure enough in our faith that we can engage pop culture and leverage it to tell the story of what God has been doing on this earth since the beginning of time.

When we’re active in the community, that’s attractive. Period. Since when did doing serving others become unattractive?

And really, at the end of the day, we want to teach people truth about God, give them the opportunity to engage with Him, and ultimately follow Him with a community of people that are somewhere along the same path.

The interesting thing is though, that we’re not always doing that great of a job at being both. There’s a tension that we’re working through, that we’re praying through, of clearly defining what God has called us to do here in this valley, and how God would like to use us to accomplish that.

In the meantime, I’m soaking up knowledge. I want to be ready to go. So I’m reading, alot. I’m watching leaders who have been in the place our church is in now. I’m praying. I’m seeking God. My desire is that we would do large things, that God would increase our influence. I’m praying specifically that God will increase my influence. Pete Wilson tweeted today, “God did not give you influence so that you can increase your own, but so that you can increase others'”

That’s good stuff.
That’s my prayer.



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