Blessed are Those who Mourn

This week we tackled the “blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted” passage from the beatitudes (Jesus’ sermon on the mount).

We were a little video heavy this week, and I wanted to share some of the pieces I put together for the service. All videos were shot, edited and scored by me. Enjoy.

Greg lost his fiance in a car accident, on the way to their wedding, one day before. She was one of the original team that planted K2. The accident, about a year ago, hit close to home for K2, and we were overwhelmingly blessed that Greg was willing to share his story and where he’s at now.

The Winters (Eric & Paula) were also a part of the original K2 team that came from Michigan. Eric is our Executive Pastor, and this is a great update on the process they’ve been on since Paula was diagnosed with an incurable cancer.

This is the title package for the morning. We wanted to take the congregation through some of the tragedy of the world, both historically and globally, and then move to current and local. Throughout the lobbies and bathrooms, we had simple white cards and posters with more stats in simple serif fonts, to help create an environment of this before they ever got to their seats.


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