Butterfield Canyon

Last Monday, I took some time grab some more outdoors time. Since hiking season is in full swing here in Utah, I thought it’d be fitting. I’ve been trying to do hikes on this side of the valley, since we won’t be living here too much longer, and the Oquirrh Mountains generally get the shaft. I hiked up Butterfield Canyon road, which really wasn’t a hike, more of an uphill walk on pavement. (the road is still blocked from the winter, so you can’t drive up it yet). I got to the 3.5 mi. marker and the weather was starting to blow in, so I snapped this photo at a little stopping point, ate a snack, and hightailed it back outta there.

Beautiful up there though.


2 thoughts on “Butterfield Canyon

  1. I’ve heard lots of great stuff about Butterfield, and your pic is just proof to that. I’ll hit it up sometime…

    We should hike together sometime also. I’m a big fan myself, but don’t make enough time for it.


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