Cold Sheets

Leah and I are wildly different.
She tends to run on the cold side. Her toes get cold. Her nose gets cold.

I like it on the cool side.

Lately, it’s been that perfect weather where it’s warm during the day and pretty cool at night. We’ve had the heat off for awhile.
I love this time of year. I like to throw the windows open. It happens in the spring, and it’s even better in the fall.

One of my favorite occurrences is how cold the sheets in bed are when you climb in. I could sleep like this year round. I love cold sheets. I love cold pillowcases. I prefer a big, thick, fluffy comforter and cold sheets. I’d sleep with the windows open like this all the time. I love that it’s cold in the morning when you get up. Makes your bed seem all the more awesome.

Leah? Not so much. Go figure.

What about you? Cold sheets or no?


2 thoughts on “Cold Sheets


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