Time off and Preparation

Dave Nelson, 5/15/11Dave Nelson at K2’s South Campus – 5/15/11

On just about any publication, advertisement or any other piece of consumable or tangible media that K2 has created has had our mantra on it. “An Adventure with God”. One of the things that I love about K2 is that we own what we say.

K2 is in an adventurous time like no other. We’re joining our very successful South campus back with the original parent campus. We’re looking at an opportunity to acquire a 150,000 square-foot building that sits on 25 acres, and partnering with other community organizations to be an unstoppable force in this valley. This endeavor is far beyond our reach, resources, scope and ability. The only way we can even dream about doing this is by a clear move of the hand of God. And yet, we believe and proceed. These are God-sized endeavors that require strong leadership and vision.

So, what better time to send our lead pastor on a 10-week sabbatical?

That’s exactly what our spiritual advisory board is doing. And I love it.

Dave Nelson, our lead pastor, is at the top of his game right now. I am directly blessed by his leadership on a near daily basis. He is on fire right now. He is pumped up about where God is leading K2. To be quite frank, he does not “need” the break right now.

That’s exactly why I love it. I love that we’re sending Dave while he’s hot. It’s interesting, from the outside you might say, “Why in the world would you send your leader off while you’re in one of the biggest transitional periods in your church to date?”

Here’s why:

– We have strong, competent leaders who own the vision and mission of this church.

– We fully believe we’re on the uphill of roller coaster. We haven’t even gotten to the big stuff yet.

– We value health in our management team and our pastors. Period.

Love this church. Love this leadership. So while Dave’s out, pray for him. He has 4 weeks of personal time, 3 weeks of professional development, and 3 weeks of spiritual development. So pray that he hears from God. Loudly. Pray that he comes back with an even clearer purpose and sense of refreshment.



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