What my ears are binging on…

So, a huge part of my role at K2 is worship leading and music, which I love. One of the interesting things is that I listen to quite a bit of Christian worship music, which I quite love, and it has a routine place in my listening rotation. One of the hard things though is that I don’t particularly prefer to solely listen to that. Every couple of months I find that it creeps up, and worship music is all that seems to be in rotation. Not cool.

So, today, I killed that, at least for the time being.

The following are a few artists/albums that I moved into high rotation that I hadn’t had a chance to listen to yet:

Silverline – Voices in The Night 

Disciple – Horseshoes and Hand Grenades 

Demon Hunter – The World is a Thorn 

Ivoryline – Vessels



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