Teenage Years and Rock ‘n’ Roll

My world gets smaller and smaller everyday. I’m not even sure how it came up, but Rut (Mike Routledge) and I were chatting recording, as often happens, and he mentioned a band by the name of Semper Fi. And boom. My world got smaller.

Let me explain.

Nearly (oh my freaking gosh) 10 years ago, I joined a little rock outfit called Blind Paradox. Blind Paradox - Trinity Luteran, Ashland, OH - 2004We released a record, had some killer times, the whole deal. Good memories from my late teens/early twenties. We played alot of shows, and one of the bands we ran across quite a few bands that I’m proud to say we shared the stage with.

One of those bands is Semper-Fi.

Semper-FiThey were always kind of one step ahead of where we wanted to be musically, and I completely loved their stuff. We’d bump into them from time to time on the road, and they were just a solid band.

Turns out, 10 years later, Rut produced their record. Small freaking world. So, for kicks, I thought I’d post some links and pics from back in the day for your enjoyment.

You can listen to Semper-Fi here. Solid Pop-Punk. 

You can follow a few of the gents from Semper-Fi, which I have over the years:

Josh is leading worship at NorthRidge Church in Michigan, and is an active blogger and twitter-er.

Josh Collesano:  Twitter  – Blog

Jimmy is leading worship at Thrive Church in Richmond, TX and has some music up on his music site that is his classic sound. Unmistakably Jimmy. Definitely worth your listen.

Jimmy Savage: Blog – Music

At some point here, I’ll make a solid post on some rock’n’roll memories of the few bands I was in with some more pics.

Semper Fi – Always Faithful.


One thought on “Teenage Years and Rock ‘n’ Roll

  1. hey there!

    Your blog post brought back some great memories. I came across it because I wanted to see what remained on the Internet about Semper-Fi after all these years. Music from the first album was playing in my iTunes playlist, so Googled to see what I could find. Strangely enough, your blog post was one relic. I also found an article on Christianity Guide (who knew!):

    Appreciate the post. Jimmy, Josh, and Andy are solid guys who played a role in changing living through their message. I’m so proud to call them friends.

    Founding drummer,
    Jordan (1999-2001)


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