The Last Supper with 1,000 of Your Friends

Photo Credit: Rebecca CravenPhoto Credit: Rebecca Craven

This weekend, K2 decided to switch things up and actually walk through a Seder meal during a Sunday service. The photo above is from our 11:30 service in the White Auditorium at our North Campus. While many churches do a Palm Sunday celebration (and we have in the past too), we really wanted to walk through the significance of the passover in Jewish and Christian traditions.

So, we served the meal to about 1,000 people or so across 6 services at 2 campuses. Our volunteers killed it. We had a full volunteer team assemble and package all the elements of the seder meal into individual portions and bags so that each and every attendee could “taste and see”.

We set up in the round at all of our services, so that our pastors could teach more intimately.

And the best part? I believe this was one of our greatest teaching weeks we’ve done in awhile. Watching people begin to really understand what exactly Jesus was saying from a Jewish perspective when he broke the bread and said “This is my body broken for you” was unbelievable. That for hundreds of years the Jewish people had been asking questions and Jesus was quite literally saying that He was to be the answer. That His blood will be the new covenant. You could literally feel it in the room as people began to understand the significance. Amazing.

Don’t believe me? Watch the sermon here.

Some of the best teaching you’ve heard in a long time.



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