The New Normal

This video caught my eye. I’m not going to lie, it’s effective – I got pumped up watching it and I’m over 20 hours away from Michiana. And it’s beautiful. If you don’t want to read what’s below, that’s totally fine, but watch the video. If for nothing else, it’s beautiful.

I’ve been following what’s going on over at Granger Community Church in Granger, IN. Granger seems to be the poster child for the economic recession, and a shining example of midwestern life.

They’ve launched a full-out offensive and some huge vision for not just their church, but transforming their entire community. You can visit the “New Normal Project” here, and see what it’s all about.

If you follow Tim Stevens (GCC Executive Pastor) or Mark Beeson (GCC Lead Pastor), they’ve  been blogging about it quite a bit as well.

My thoughts:

It’s about absolutely transforming the community you live in, not growing the church.

Granger has effectively laid out a plan to engage the community, and be the central “well” if you will. That’s risky business. Why? Because most churches are far more interested in changing the community if they see a benefit from it as well. Sure, some of us have community dinners or outreach nights or whatever…but how many of us are taking on the risk of transforming our facilities solely for the community? Most aren’t. It’s risky, and we don’t like the cost.

The Church extends beyond Sunday Morning.

I would further this to say it goes beyond our ministry areas. Time to pony up and realize “it’s not about you”. The Church, and our specific ministries within them should serve the larger purpose and vision of the church. This is a shift, especially in churches of our size, where our size becomes the very blinders that we wear. GCC has done some very hard work to try and remove those blinders and start doing God’s work in Michiana, not God’s work in GCC. The Church is the vehicle to the destination, not the end of the journey.

Well done GCC, well done.



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