What I’m reading…

Here is one of those posts where some will look and say,

“Hey, there goes that guy with all his pretentious reading and whatnot…”

Others will look and say,

“Hey, that last statement while tongue-in-cheek made the whole thing even more pretentious…”

It’s not like that. Just the books I’m reading and why.

1. Decision Points – George W. Bush

Without overly politicizing the thing, it’s an interesting read whichever side of the aisle you fall on. I’ve been reading this since just after Christmas, and made some massive headway, and have sort of slowed down. It’s definitely an interesting insight into the man’s thinking, and dare I say at times…funny, though not always for the reasons he intended, that is, if he intended at all.

2. A Million Miles in a Thousand YearsDonald Miller

Donald Miller is one of my favorites. Absolutely, hands down. Many will tell you that the quintessential read of Don’s is a little book called “Blue Like Jazz”. While phenomenal, the book that I love the most of his is “Through Painted Deserts”.

This book is a great read so far. I’m 6 chapters in, and I find that I have to stop only because at night when reading, my eyelids begin involuntarily shutting, not because I want to. His writing reads like someone would think, and that is a hard style to do well. A Million Miles in a Thousand Years picks up on Don’s recurring theme of wanting to live with meaning, which is ironic coming from a guy who speaks into so many people’s lives with eloquence. Good read thus far.

Problem here is there are SOOOOO many more books I’d like to be reading right now. My amazon wish list is a mile long, I have a stack of books at home horizontally, which is how I lay them on the shelf till they’re read, and my iBooks app is full of samples (my apple version of a wishlist).

Too many books, not enough time to read.



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