Consuming Fire Video

We recently shot a video for our series here at K2 the Church, “Getting God Out of the Box”. The video was on God’s consuming fire.

Shot on location over two different shoots, we shot at Big Canyon Ranch in Wanship, UT, as well as a member’s home here in Salt Lake.

Take a look at the pics:

We got the truck stuck in the snow. For those that know me, this is nothing new to me. It was a little deep out there.


John Welch, our facilities manager, and tree guru extraordinaire agreed to come out and help us fell some trees. You’ll notice the truck, deep in the background, and just how deep the snow was starting to get. John was waist deep and he was not yet hitting the ground.



Fire, pre burn


The completed fire. Stood about 8-12 feet tall.

We stopped for lunch at the delicious Road Island Diner. Yum, yum yum.


I’ll post the video and some takeaways next.




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